Lesson 38 – Outlines of Syntax – 1

A short YouTube version is available here. [Expand to the full article to be able to click on the link]. In Lesson 37, we took a story, “The Brahmin and his faithful mongoose“, fable 13 of book 4, of the Hitopadeśa. and analysed the text. In this, and the next few lessons, we will look at Sanskrit … Continue reading Lesson 38 – Outlines of Syntax – 1


Lesson 1 – Introduction, conjugation

This is the first in a series of what i hope to be fifty or so lessons. I hope you will benefit from this course of lessons. I have uploaded a video verision of this on YouTube here. I will use both the Roman script and the Devanagari script in my lessons. If you are … Continue reading Lesson 1 – Introduction, conjugation