Some music theory

Pages on music uploaded here.

Music is a combination of sounds designed to sound pleasing to the ear. Music creates an atmosphere that affects your mood. It gives many people an emotional experience that cannot be described. People also talk of having devotional and spiritual experiences when they listen to certain types of music.

Learning music is fun. I started one year ago, at the age of 65, when I bought my first musical instrument – an ukulele. Have been trying to understand the theory of music since then. What I have picked up about music is mainly by going through websites. Articles on websites focus on this or that aspects of music and so it is difficult to get a good overview of music.

Keeping this in mind, I have uploaded twelve pages at my author website. These are a summary of what I learnt over the last one year. I have concentrated initially on western music, but towards the end have touched upon Indian systems as well. The content here will constantly undergo changes as I learn more and learn newer concepts. The objective here is to help new music enthusiasts understand some of the fundamental concepts of music.

Please visit these pages and send me your comments when you get some time.


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