Lesson 11

Welcome to oursanskrit.com Lesson 11. This lesson is a review of what we have learned so far. A short YouTube version is available here. Lesson 1 was an introduction. We started by looking at the concept of inflection - declension and conjugation. We said that Sanskrit is a highly inflected language.We also said that all words in Sanskrit … Continue reading Lesson 11

Lesson 10

Welcome to Lesson 10. Let us start with an exercise: Translate into English: upadeśo hi mūrkhānāṃ prakopāya na śāntaye | payaḥpānaṃ bhujaṃgānāṃ kevalaṃ viṣavardhanam उपदेशो हि मूर्खानां प्रकोपाय न शान्तये | पयःपानं भुजंगानां केवलं विषवर्धनम् [Hint: The message in this verse is the same as the message in the Hitopadeśa story “The Birds And The Monkeys” dealt with … Continue reading Lesson 10

Lesson 6

A short YouTube version is available here. [Expand to the full article to be able to click on the link] In this lesson, lesson 6, we will look at the imperfect middle voice of verbs of classes 1,4,6 and 10 and consonant Sandhis. The imperfect middle  - लङ् (laṅ) आत्मने पदम् (ātmane padam) We saw the endings … Continue reading Lesson 6