Lesson 6

A short YouTube version is available here. [Expand to the full article to be able to click on the link] In this lesson, lesson 6, we will look at the imperfect middle voice of verbs of classes 1,4,6 and 10 and consonant Sandhis. The imperfect middle  - लङ् (laṅ) आत्मने पदम् (ātmane padam) We saw the endings … Continue reading Lesson 6

The magic of Pāṇini

This article is a brief introduction to how Pāṇini presents his Sanskrit language and grammar rules. We learned in that, in Sanskrit, vowel sandhi rules require that (see Lesson 5 ): Rule 1. two similar simple vowels coalesce to from the corresponding long vowel and Rule 2. the vowels इ (i) ई (ī), उ (u) ऊ (ū) and ऋ (r̥) … Continue reading The magic of Pāṇini

Quick dictionary – a few simple words

In Sanskrit Word Order (Sorted by the Roman script , A-Z) Root class / Gender English Sanskrit If verb, then ,pres. indic.act. third sing. 1 come ā + gam आ  गम् āgacchati आगच्छति 1 bring ā + nī आ  नी ānayati आनयति m preceptor ācārya आचार्य m teacher ācārya आचार्य m fire agni अग्नि I … Continue reading Quick dictionary – a few simple words